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I would like to take a moment to spotlight something so momentous and astonishing that I would be remiss if I left it hiding on the fringes here. Some readers may have noticed the "my late father" hyperlink in an earlier post, clicked it, and found the miracle-filled account of "The Passing of My Father". Some may also have noticed it listed over on the side of this blog under "More Miracle-filled Accounts". Short of re-posting "The Passing of My Father" on this blog, I wanted to make sure no one missed it, which is why I am spotlighting it in this post.

LENGTH ALERT: "The Passing of My Father" is somewhat longer than my usual posts here, although not for lack of punch. For those of you who might shy away from reading something a little longer for lack of time, you can always start with this shorter excerpt called "The Miracle of the Harp". As always, thanks for reading.

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